Private 4G and 5G networks are rapidly becoming mainstream. This isn’t news.

But from recent conversations, client engagements and events, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many don’t quite grasp how private cellular use-cases are segmented — and why it’s going to get even more complex in the next 2–3 years.

Trivia Question: When was the first example of network-based music streaming launched?

I’ll bet many of you guessed that it was Spotify in 2006, or Pandora in 2000. Maybe some of you guessed RealAudio, back in 1995.

But the actual answer is over a century earlier. It was the Théâtrophone…

Dean Bubley

Telecom /Mobile industry analyst, consultant & public speaker. Contrarian, Visionary, Pragmatist. Founder of Disruptive Analysis.

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